Fairy Crown

Generative NFT. The King of the Fairies presents flower crowns to the fairies born from the Tree of Heroic Spirits.

Light Paper

Give your newborn fairies a festive flower crown!
Title Fairy Crown

Fairies are born from the Tree of Heroic Spirits today!
The king of fairies will give a festive flower crown to the newborn fairies!

You can see how rare the fairies are in the Background!
Legendary(Bubble,Prism) Epic(Forest,Rain,Heart) Rare(Gradation) Common(white)

Dark Elf Series has a low percentage.
Wing 024
Dagger04 Wand04
Butterfly04 Ranunculus04 


Multichain NFT

Chain Description Price
Ethereum #1〜999 ComingSoon 0.03ETH
Polygon #1000〜1999 Free Mint↓
Avalanche #2000〜2999 ComingSoon ?
Arbitrum #3000〜3999 ComingSoon Free Mint
Optimistic #4000〜4999 ComingSoon ?
Fantom #5000〜5999 ComingSoon ?
? #6000〜6999 ComingSoon ?
? #7000〜7999 ComingSoon ?
? #8000〜8999 ComingSoon ?
? #9000〜10000 ComingSoon ?

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Mind Map

Let's create a fairy forest metaverse! Fly around freely as a fairy and talk with other fairies on the flowers! I'd love to have a dark casino too. Zzzzz... zzzzz...